AAA Electric Ltd.


What does AAA (Electric) stand for?

Advanced– we use Advanced technology and techniques for troubleshooting, diagnostic, material used and installation
Attitude – we serve all our customer with great enthusiastic Attitude,
Available – we are always Available

Why the “Whole House Surge Protectors” are important?

1. As temperatures drop or raise, energy demands increase, thereby increasing the possibility of surge damage
2. Many insurance companies give a discount for homes that have surge protectors. At the same time, many homeowner policies do not cover lightning strikes.
3. The average home get hit with over 20 energy spikes a day.
4. You get up to 30% more life out of your appliances and electronic equipment if you use surge protectors.
5. A lightning strike up to one mile away can do damage to your sensitive equipment.
6. You can get peace of mind very inexpensively.

As an Authorized Dealer of Surge Protectors, we can help you protect your investment in your home and equipment.

Do you do small residential jobs?

Absolutely, give us a call, we are more than happy to help you with all your electrical needs big or small, residential and commercial.

How do your charges compare with other electrical service companies?

AAA Electric’s prices are competitive and our quality high.

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